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Collecting & analysing millions of data sets to inform farmers & the agriculture industry to feed the next billion."UjuziKilimo" means Smart farming in Swahili.


The world's first Virtual Water Network Operator (WVNO) Bringing intelligence in distribution, access & utilization of water. See every drop.


Keynotes on the intersection of technology & sustainability, Innovation & Future of work. Focusing on Internet of Things, Data, Artificial Intelligence. Advocating for SDGs


Over 6 years, and 100+ Articles on various subjects of interest. Technology, Youth and development, social change and policy.


HydroIQ | UjuziKilimo

Brian has passion for emerging technologies in Big data, internet of things and AI & applying them to solve the biggest challenges in Africa focusing on Agriculture, Water & Sanitation with the goal of building resilient food and water systems to support the additional 2 billion people and create a sustainable livelihood for the current population.

He is the founder of UjuziKilimo & Hydrologistics Africa (HydroIQ). At the age of 19, Brian developed a technology that reads soil to inform thousands of smallholder farmers how to better utilize resources like fertilizer and water.


UN | ITU | Forbes | RAEng. | One.org

United Nations Young leader for SDGs
5 young people shaping the world - One.org
Pioneer Entrepreneur in Agritech - Forbes
International Telecommunications Union

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Hydrologistics Africa (HydroIQ)